Dr. Dillard’s Practice

Dr. Dillard maintains a private practice in New York City and in East Hampton, New York. Please call (212) 265-4038 to make an appointment in Manhattan, and (631) 766-1475 to make an appointment in Wainscott, East Hampton.

He cannot evaluate or treat you over the Internet, and he does not know practitioners outside of the New York City area. Please read “The Chronic Pain Solution” to learn how to find quality practitioners in your area, and how to assemble your pain team.

To email Dr. Dillard, please use the contact form on this site. Please be sure to include your email address and phone numbers, and when you will be able to answer those phone numbers, as opposed to reaching voice mail or answering machines. Thank you.

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  1. elisa thompson

    great Doc – hard to find a DR of physiatry out in the hamptons. Very compassionate, caring and knowledgeable about latest treatments. No BS
    Elisa Thompson

  2. Dr.Dillard has given me hope. I’ve been taking pain medication since 2006. He has helped me decrease pain medication. I’ve learned so much. Thanks .

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